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          The market continued to high today, a small finishing market. After the opening of the morning market, it was basically below yesterday's closing point. In the afternoon, the center of gravity of consolidation moved up and fluctuated in a narrow range around 3380, with the highest rising to 3387, significantly reducing the transaction volume. In the end, Shanghai stock market rose 4.66 points to 3384.15 points, or 0.14%; Shenzhen stock market rose 0.43% to 11091.5 points; gem rose 3.95 points to 1888.43 points, or 0.21%. A total of 539.6 billion transactions were made in the two cities, a sharp decrease of 217.4 billion compared with yesterday.


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          In the early morning of September 5, Messi officially announced that he would stay in Barcelona and leave the team freely in the next summer. It is also helpless to make such a decision, because before the announcement of the decision, the Messi team just declared that the default fine of 700 million euro was invalid, and the La Liga official immediately responded that Messi could not leave the team in his free body this summer, and the 700 million penalty clause is still valid. Messi decided to stay in the team soon after the air rumors, which also means that there is only a contractual relationship between Barca and Messi. As a professional player, he will try his best to complete the new season, but it is absolutely impossible to renew his contract.




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