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          We now know that the real estate investment policy has come down, and it is also the object of macro-control. Now, I am afraid, this situation will be reflected in the next year and the next year. From this point of view, now is the high value period of real estate performance. Once the real estate sector is launched, we should be vigilant. What is the explanation? It shows that cycle stocks can not be speculation, only risk speculation in the real estate sector.

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          The 23-year-old is a favourite this summer and many big clubs want to join him, but the players are keen on Chelsea and have previously said they would like to join even if they are not qualified for the Champions League, perhaps a fan of manager Frank Lampard. It was only a matter of time before Chelsea qualified for the New Champions League last season. At present, the player has passed the physical examination on Sunday, and the rest of the procedures will be completed, that is, the official announcement is imminent.


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          Another news is the normalization of IPO. Zhang Shenfeng, assistant vice chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, said: IPO should be normalized. At the end of the week, nine companies announced a financing amount of 4.4 billion yuan. In fact, this is a negative for the market, but for the securities sector, it may be a partial positive, because the securities companies benefit.



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