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          Leicester City scored again in the 64th minute. Chilville broke into the forbidden area and passed. Perera passed back to tillemans, who again passed the ball to assist chilville to push and exceed the score. Seven minutes later, it was still the left side free kick from Mount, and Ludwig's head mallet leveled the score. Chilwell was amazing, and Chelsea were still the team that always bought their own goal. In this game, chilville scored one goal twice, passed a threat ball, crossed a man, snatched successfully twice, cleared three times, and was fouled once.




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          Today, the stock indexes of the two cities opened on a regular basis. After a slight dip, a wave of recovery appeared. At 10:30, it saw the full day's high, and then slowly fell back to the noon closing. In the afternoon, the stock index dropped in inertia and recovered after 14:14. The hot spots on the market: chips, fuel cells, new energy vehicles, satellite navigation, OLED concept, graphene, sapphire, green lighting, semiconductors, wine making, securities companies and other sectors performed better Overall: the market today presents a narrow range of finishing market.

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