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          Disk news

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          This warm-up game, two goalkeepers Kepa and Caballero played half a game, the latter also saved a penalty, there are many rumors about the starting goalkeeper leaving the team this season, but there is no suitable replacement at present, so kappa is still in the team. As a matter of fact, the goalkeeper can still be competent to start the team, as long as the team supplements the defensive line, his performance will be more stable.

          Second, the afternoon of a wave of rapid pull, the contribution of new shares is relatively large. Nevertheless, today's real trading limit of the number of sub new shares is not much, which is also related to the sharp contraction of the day. The number of secondary new shares is large, and the number of newly opened stocks before has soared, which leads to the strengthening of supervision. Whether there will be a new leader in the later stage needs to be considered.

          Is it true or false that the alliance makes money

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          Wanjun model



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