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          In a word: one will become famous, ten thousand bones wither.

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          At present, the biggest difficulty in this deal is that Barcelona may not allow Messi to leave the team freely, so city still needs to have more discussions with Barcelona. If Messi can solve this difficulty, blue moon will only be able to deal with the salary management easier. Recently, it is said that Manchester City are willing to buy Messi with a transfer fee of 100 million euro plus Bernardo, gersus and Garcia in exchange for Messi. Such a large investment is indeed eye-catching. Maybe the onlookers can not understand the city's desire for the king of the ball, so they can't understand such divine operation.

          1. Among the major indexes, Hang Seng Index > SME board > gem > Shenzhen composite index > CSI 300 > Shanghai Composite Index > Shanghai Stock Exchange 50. To put it simply, the closer it is to the large cap stocks of Shanghai Stock Exchange, the smaller the increase. Therefore, it is obvious that Shenzhen is strong and Shanghai is weak.

          In fact, the process of twists and turns is also the process of competition among the three major sectors, sub new shares, cyclical stocks and financial stocks. In particular, the strength of the real estate stocks, especially Vanke, once reached the trading limit in the afternoon, which may not be a healthy signal in fact, because if it is caused by the performance factors of Vanke, it is not today's thing. The performance of Vanke has been announced a few days ago, and today is nothing but making use of the problem.

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