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          In the first nine months of this year, the domestic commercial housing sales area reached 1.16 billion square meters, with a sales volume of 9.19 trillion yuan. 2016 is the hottest year for real estate. The same data are 1.57 billion square meters of sales area and 11.7 trillion yuan of sales. According to the current trend, it is not empty talk that 2017 will surpass 2016 in an all-round way. In fact, at present, 1.16 billion square meters is the highest record in the same period, and the sales volume of 9.19 trillion yuan is also a record of the same period. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, at the end of September, the area for sale of commercial housing continued to decline year-on-year, with a drop rate of 1% more than that of the previous month, and the inventory of the property market hit a new low, which was lower than 620 million square meters at the end of 2014 According to the standard of the Ministry of land and resources, inventory has been in short supply for six months. In other words, the progress of de stocking is not too big, but the wife is too big. Now, it is not the problem of de stocking, but the problem of replenishing inventory. Obviously, although the control effect of first tier cities is remarkable, due to the rising of the third and fourth tier cities, de stocking has actually become a process of residents' leverage.

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