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          In addition, new energy vehicle concept news is also constantly. Gree announced the suspension of trading, which may intervene in FAW Xiali. Whether this will become the backdoor of Zhuhai Yinlong, we are also very concerned, so the new energy vehicles also have some performance in the plate. New energy vehicles will not end at once. There may be continuous news coming out later, which will become the hot spot of periodic speculation.


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          So I said, "after this wave, it's natural that capital allocation will not die." This sentence is not angry. The current allocation is much more crazy than in 2015, and the crazy allocation will expose more and bigger problems, which will lead to the management determined to eliminate this hidden danger. Capital allocation is self inflicted crime. In order to compete for customers, each capital allocation company does everything in its power, and its demise is due to madness. Last year's P2P is the same. The East India Company, tulip, digital currency and so on in history are the same. This is the reason of heaven. It has nothing to do with what kind of product it is.


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